The highly collaboration of 16 ARM cores
The main and secondary controllers simultaneously gather the motion capture data, creating the sense of zero delay.
Low latency, high precision motion capture
A total of 12 IMU high performance gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. The IMUs used by Handy are the industry’s smallest and best, among which the IMU inertial sensing unit size is
only 6*7.8mm.
Support a variety of positioning methods
Handy can easily match the third-party targeting. At the same time support for HTC VIVE Tracker, Optitrack, Kinect and other mainstream
positioning or somatosensory programs.
Fit design,
comfortable to wear
Using arc wristband design to fit the hand curve. Replaceable silicone finger stalls, adapting to different finger sizes. Enjoy the smooth wearing experience.
Support gesture development
Handy can be combined with a dedicated gesture development tool, Gest Creator, facilitating developers to quickly develop and apply to all types of platforms.
high-performance chips
accurate gesture recognition
equipment management system
apt to a variety of
positioning solutions
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